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Shocker: Marriage Decline Worsens In CT

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Earlier this month, The Hartford Courant reported on an unsurprising trend: the decline of “basic building blocks of society” — specifically the natural family. Connecticut appears to be a canary …
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Pants On Fire: Fact-Checking Hartford Courant

Earlier this week, dealing a blow to the vulnerable sick, elderly, and disabled, California governor Jerry Brown signed an assisted suicide bill into law; the ink is barely dry.

Please …
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‘Christ-Haunted’: Wolfgang Reviews Susan Campbell’s Autobiography

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Peter Wolfgang’s review of Susan Campbell’s autobiography Dating Jesus originally appeared on August 27, 2013 on the now-defunct website of Hartford Faith and Values. We have reproduced it here because of its …
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Hartford Courant Rolls Over, Plays Dead For Planned Parenthood
9 years ago

Hartford Courant Rolls Over, Plays Dead For Planned Parenthood

The Hartford Courant editorial board’s latest piece looks like it came straight out of Planned Parenthood’s PR department.

The Courant’s childlike faith in every word that comes forth from the mouth of …
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Press Can’t Deny Pro-Life Movement Success

Faithful readers heard it here first.

The pro-life movement is winning — whether in legislatures or at the more intimate person-to-person level, one changed mind, one saved life at a …
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