You may have missed the news Tuesday, University of Connecticut professor James Boster, a devout secularist, routed “heretics” on campus who questioned The Origin of Species as not being sola scriptura, and much “praise” was given to Darwin. . . literally.

Regardless of who they were, this lack of respect toward dissenting views by staff on campus is surely the fruit of UConn President Susan Herbst’s prolonged and excessive public preaching against Football Assistant Coach Earnest Jones’ statement in January that “Jesus Christ should be in the center of our huddle”.  Coach Jones later recanted and resigned.

I wonder if President Herbst will similarly condemn Professor Boster’s endorsement and advocacy of a particular philosophy on campus . . .which has clearly taken on a spiritual dimension, whereas he encouraged visitors to “accept Darwin” as their “Lord and Savior” and in his interaction with students intoned them to say “Amen” – and some did.

We at FIC don’t condemn Professor Boster . . .we encourage his open-air preachings and hope with continued light, allegiances can be revealed and truth can be discerned. After all, a college campus should be a place where all ideas are welcome . . .not just those that conform to liberal dogma.