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News sources cover cancelation of Drag Queen Story Hour!

You can view FIC’s original posts here and here.

Of course, the event organizer blames a “perceived threat” as asserted by the local librarian for the cancelation, without bothering to contact police or provide proof. What was this “perceived threat” and its circumstances? Nobody is allowed to know yet it gets covered in the media. This is standard operating procedure for activists who almost always remain unchallenged in their assertions. You can read more about the newsworthy cancelation and unsubstantiated, yet still printed, allegations in the reports below.

If you are unaware of how this works, please know there is no level of opposition to Drag Queen Story Hour that would not be interpreted by sponsors (and printed by supporting media) as “bullying” and as a “threat.” The Family Institute of Connecticut is no stranger to receiving real and actual threats from supporters of our political opposition. We know them well and would never encourage violence of any sort.

All it takes to have Drag Queen Story Hour canceled from the local library is to refer to someone as a “male transvestite”? Who knew? Now, we know that is not true and the library and local officials actually canceled the Drag Queen Story Hour because local parents raised legitimate concerns.

Name-calling is not our style, but it IS the style of our political opposition. If you are curious to see what passes for newsworthy name-calling, please don’t hesitate to indulge in the articles below.



The Courant also printed unsubstantiated claims by sponsors and implied dubious connections between FIC and perceived threats in their report. However, we are glad to have our legitimate efforts recognized and have verified by the media that Drag Queen Story Hour was indeed canceled from the library. The cherry-on-top is that we know the “perceived threat” appears to have been just a pretext for cancelation and a ploy for attention by sponsors. As noted by CTInsider, no reports were received by local police and they seemed completely unaware of any of the manufactured drama.

Thank you to God for our answered prayers – there were many, and to the parents and families who raised legitimate concerns with local officials. Please be encouraged and continue to pray and press for community standards that protect the innocence of local children and obey local rules & regulations.

The Family Institute of Connecticut is currently holding their Summer Matching Grant campaign. Organizing local parents, sharing information, doing investigations and talking to the media is not cheap and our political opponents have endless resources (and very frequently the government and media to support them). As always, we appreciate your prayers and financial assistance.