Religious Freedom

Video Captures UConn Professor’s Embarrassingly Public Nutty

Some headlines write themselves, but the first person to commit them to print goes down in legend. For instance, Mel Blanc’s epitaph: “That’s all, folks.” I wish I had …
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Boster’s Bloviating the Fruit of Herbst’s Hectoring

You may have missed the news Tuesday, University of Connecticut professor James Boster, a devout secularist, routed “heretics” on campus who questioned The Origin of Species as not being …
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Desperate Hobby Lobby Critics Fling Mud Upwind

“He who slings mud generally loses ground.” – Adlai Stevenson

I don’t need to go looking for outrage. Therefore, I am not a regular reader of Huffington Post. Because …
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Don’t Bench Jesus, UConn

UConn football coach Ernest Jones is in hot water for telling an interviewer, “We’re going to make sure [players] understand that Jesus Christ should be in the center of …
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Justice Sotomayor Blocks HHS Mandate!

I wish Talk of Connecticut still had its Dan Lovallo archives on its website, so I could link to his 2009 interview of me regarding President Obama’s nomination of …
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The Ḥanukah Story Then and Now: Hellenism and Forced Assimilation

This year, Ḥanukah begins the night before Thanksgiving, an unusual occurrence. Typically, Ḥanukah begins in December; all too often it is treated by the larger culture as “the Jewish …
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Jewish Religious Liberty Threatened in CT; Help FIC Fight Back Nov. 19

Stop “Intactivists” from criminalizing male circumcision, including Jewish brit milah

Family Institute of Connecticut Action fights for the religious liberty of all of Connecticut’s citizens, not just Christians. We …
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Jim Vicevich Religious Liberty Event Nov. 10th

Our friends at St. Ann’s Church in Avon have alerted us to this event which we strongly encourage Family Institute of Connecticut members to attend:

Defenders of Faith Ministry …
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Enfield, Elmbrook & Greece, Oh My! Or: Why You Should Pray Real Hard Tomorrow


Remember the 2010 Enfield graduations battle, when FIC scored a victory for the principle that the First Amendment requires churches be treated equal to other organizations in the public …
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Secular Assembly for the North East and Choose Life at Yale


Last weekend Connecticut welcomed a group which hosted its first secular conference. Heralded by bill boards across Connecticut proclaiming themselves “good”, the coalition seeks to build networking opportunities and …
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