The latest E-Blast from FIC Action’s President Peter Wolfgang:

The Next Two Weeks Are Crucial for Stopping the Assisted Suicide and Anti-Pregnancy Center Bills

April 3rd is the “JF Deadline” for the Public Health Committee. That is the day by which they must vote to approve the bills that had public hearings or those bills will have “Died in Committee” for 2019.

It has been a particular point of pride for FIC Action that we have defeated anti-family legislation in Committee for most of the last decade. But we have never seen a year like this one. 

Following The Great Disaster of the 2018 Election, the pro-family cause has fewer friends at the state Capitol than at any time in our movement’s history. The cause of The Great Disaster – and the remedy – is something you will hear more about in the future. What concerns us right now is the effect.

A public hearing for assisted suicide was held on Monday. The Committee was strongly stacked against us, as it also was during the public hearing for the anti-pregnancy center bill.

The co-chairmen, and several Committee members, were clearly just going through the motions of pretending to listen to our concerns, if even that. Oftentimes they were argumentative and combative with members of the public whose opinions they did not like.

Nevertheless, we could still stop these bills in Committee. But in order to do so, we have to make the most of these next two weeks (or less) beginning right now.

Please click here to ask your state legislators to vote NO on the anti-pregnancy center bill or to accept the pregnancy centers’ substitute language.

Please click here to ask your state legislators to vote NO on the assisted suicide bill.

MOST OF ALL, please click here, then click on “Committee Membership” and contact each member of the Public Health Committee individually, and ask them to vote NO on H.B. 7070 (the anti-pregnancy center bill) and NO on H.B. 5898 (the assisted suicide bill).

Thank you! More information soon…