Thanks to You, FIC Did More to Defend CT Families Than Ever Before

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The FIC team was at the state Capitol on the last day of the legislative session, right up until midnight. It has been that kind of a year. This photo was taken at about 11 pm.

In fact, FIC has never had a year like this one. 

We co-sponsored the second CT March for Life, bringing more than 2,500 pro-lifers to the state Capitol on a Wednesday. I spoke at various public forums around the state and in the media. We now work side-by-side with several parental rights groups that risen up in our state just in the last year.

And we fought on fifteen bills this year. Never in the history of FIC have we battled on so many fronts on so many issues all at the same time.

The result? Twelve wins, two partial wins, and one minor defeat. 

You can see the full rundown here. But permit me, if I may, to highlight six of the most important ones. 

We crushed assisted suicide again. That now marks a full decade that our diverse coalition has protected the vulnerable in Connecticut. For the first time, despondent pro-assisted suicide activists sound like they might give up. 

We defeated abortion tourism. Remember when spending millions of your tax dollars to fly women from pro-life states to Connecticut for abortions was the top priority of our state’s pro-abortion activists? For the first time since before the pandemic, Connecticut’s pro-abortionists suffered huge defeats.  

We stopped an attack on pro-life free speech. Have you heard about the weaponizing of the federal government against pro-lifers? Our state government tried the very same thing…the day of the CT March for Life! FIC caught it in time–and stopped them!

The Abortion Amendment to the State Constitution is dead. It will rear its ugly head again. And we will seek to stop it again, just as we have stopped it for the last two years. 

The Pedophile Anti-Discrimination Bill has been curtailed. The bill passed unamended in the last half-hour of the session. But language inserted into a completely unrelated bill limited its scope. 

The Punish Christian School Children Bill was defanged. The original version would have required students with a Biblical worldview to attend re-education classes for not using preferred pronouns. That and other noxious elements of the bill have been removed. 

FIC has never done so much on so many issues. These successes are, in part, a product of the conferences we held last year, which were themselves a breakthrough for us.

This is, in many ways, a new FIC. Bigger, stronger, able to do more with greater resources.

And the reason is you. It was you who gave us the ability to do more to defend Connecticut families. Now is your opportunity to help us keep it going. 

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As you can see from the news above, your donations to FIC get results. What might we be able to do with still greater resources? 

You can find out by clicking here. Help us make today’s kickoff a success, just as we made this year’s legislative session a success. 

A bigger, better FIC. It is already happening. We can grow still more, with your support.