The Family Institute has heard from many friends and allies that a particular bill has been introduced to target and intimidate our organization.

Based on the modern use of language, SB 32, AN ACT PROHIBITING TAX-EXEMPT STATUS FOR HATE GROUPS would seem to target FIC along with many groups that may fall out of favor from time to time with our “cultural elites” and media.

Of course, it isn’t just a passive aggressive swing at the Family Institute of Connecticut, it is an attack on the free speech of the people we stand for . . . families across Connecticut. Anyone of good will understands that proposing this legislation can be viewed as another “attack that undermines the principles of free speech and democracy”.

Now, all people can make mistakes and we hope that this bill is just a momentary misunderstanding of the rudiments of our democratic process. But, to be safe, we are watching this bill very closely at the Family Institute of Connecticut and urge our members to do likewise. We also urge our members to be ready to educate members of the Joint Committee on Finance, Revenue and Bonding and their own legislators about the repercussion of this bill and similar proposed legislation.

To that end, the members of the Joint Committee on Finance, Revenue and Bonding are helpfully listed on the website of the Connecticut General Assembly HERE. Check it out and see if your own legislator(s) are on this committee and lend aid to the preservation of free speech in our state when you reach out to them with your concerns or conversation.