Your help is needed to defeat Assisted Suicide in 2022.

The astro-turf organization that funds assisted-suicide legislation across America has Connecticut in their targets again. They have hired 4 new lobbyists and plan to make a final push before this year’s decisive elections to get assisted-suicide “finally” passed in Connecticut. But we can defeat them with a little preparation and dedication.

I am entirely surprised sometimes that we’ve been able to defeat them this long! It is only through the determination of our members, our coordination with allies, and the thoughtfulness of our own legislators (many of them Democrats) who have considered the true costs and said “no” to assisted suicide. But legislators can’t do it without your support.

What can we do? Please consider attending one of these assisted suicide webinars to learn more about assisted suicide and what you we can all do to oppose it. Basically write simple letters and show up!

The first scheduled webinar will be this month, January 17, 2022 at 7pm. Peter Wolfgang will be one of the speakers, along with other experts. This webinar is FREE! Please register and share with like-minded friends today.