Printing stories that fit their narrative, no matter what.

One of the problems each journalist must overcome (hopefully in journalism school) is setting aside the story they want to tell, in favor of fairness or facts.  An example of when journalists fail, is a story printed by “America’s Oldest Continuously Published Newspaper” on Sunday, February 12, 2017 about the nation-wide protests against Planned Parenthood.

In their zeal to make this story fit their narrative that abortion is opposed mostly by religiously conservative extremists, they printed this glaring error:  ” . . Vice President Mike Pence strongly opposes abortion, citing his Catholic beliefs, . .” .  This may be news to Mike Pence since he is probably America’s most well-known ex-Catholic politician.  It seems all Christians must look the same to them.

So, not only is Vice President Mike Pence, not a Roman Catholic, I’m pretty sure he was not citing his “Catholic beliefs” in opposition to abortion.  Neither the FIVE Associated Press journalists who contributed to the article, nor the editors of the Hartford Courant caught this error because it jives so well with the story they frequently push.

It is also a reflection of how little they are willing to invest in real journalism when it comes to this administration, or really any politicians or groups of people who don’t share their liberal views on abortion. They’ve already made up their mind. It distorts their noble profession and softens their skills.

I find it hard to believe that the Associated Press and the Hartford Courant don’t know the religious affiliations of, say, Planned Parenthood President Cecil Richards, or pro-abortion politician, Hillary Clinton. Or would eagerly find out the facts.  You’d think they’d take the time to know a little more about the Vice President of the United States.

Here is a free pro-tip for journalists . . . expand your mind and broaden your knowledge a bit by checking out the positions of secular groups that oppose abortion.  These groups oppose abortion and funding of abortion because it is a violation of human rights and because it is cruel to women and their children. Knowledge of them would serve journalists well when covering abortion in the future.  Not only to know that there are diverse Christian (and Jewish) views against abortion, but that there are non-religious opponents as well.