In the wake of the Planned Parenthood scandal, NARAL of Connecticut (forget the “pro-choice” part, that’s a farce) decided it would be a great idea to renew their attacks on pregnancy resource centers. They simply ended up reminding us of the utter, self-serving hypocrisy of harassing their life-affirming competitors, and of their approach toward sting operations. Unlike the Center for Medical Progress, all the evidence they have to show of their allegations is their word against someone else’s.

We were the uninvited guests at NARAL’s press conference in June. It was not without hilarity as their spokespeople struggled to explain the need or impetus for their investigation to news personnel who weren’t buying what they were selling, leading one reporter to remark, “You appear to be accusing them of something you’re doing.”

We already know where abortionists’ hostility is coming from — they simply can’t compete when women are actually offered the means to have a real choice — but they should be even more nervous in light of polling showing that communities are more than twice as enthusiastic about welcoming a new pregnancy resource center to their neighborhood than a new franchise of a certain prominent abortion chain (and this data was collected last year, long before any of the current stuff started hitting the fan).

As transparent as NARAL’s hit piece is to anyone who didn’t just fall off the truck yesterday, it could not go unchallenged. The pro-life community mobilized immediately, countering the NARAL devotees in the comment section; within a week, ABC Women’s Center’s Molly Hurtado got this great response published. Keep demanding that NARAL explain themselves, don’t let them weasel out of it — the truth will prevail!