According to Rosa DeLauro, if you think an organization that kills roughly 900 babies a day and sells their livers doesn’t deserve taxpayer money, you are “spiteful,” “mean-spirited,” and “cruel;” you “[tell] millions of low-income Americans ‘Forget your health. You can just die.’”

This is, of course, an outrageous slap in the face and complete nonsense. We don’t wish anyone to die — as they surely would while waiting for a mammogram appointment at Planned Parenthood — but Congresswoman DeLauro certainly just told the pro-life citizens of Connecticut where they can go.

It adds insult to injury that the last time DeLauro remotely qualified as ‘low-income’ was probably well over 25 years ago (I hover around that threshold, before taxes, myself — not that I’m complaining). Ever read the New Haven Register, Congresswoman? The major news outlet of your district? Do you think the women and men at this New Haven Planned Parenthood protest are millionaires like you?

If you really want to help Planned Parenthood, a good start would be handing back the $15,000 they have given to you over the years to secure your election; you obviously don’t need it since you have money-blitzed every opponent you’ve ever had, outspending them many times over. Give it back with interest. Beyond that, I suggest you sit down, take out your own checkbook and pony up.

But if you really want to help women, put your money — not to mention ours — into healthcare organizations that aren’t trying to make murder, organ trafficking, and fraud respectable. You are supposed to represent us all, and we all deserve better.

DeLauro was part of Pope Francis’s escort committee. Already, one couple believes God used this occasion for the miraculous healing of their child’s heart condition. DeLauro, indifferent to the suffering of abortion victims, has a different kind of heart condition. Let’s pray that hers is curable, but that might be an even more impressive miracle.