Connecticut pro-lifers had a great showing against HB 6618, Connecticut’s Abortion Tourism Bill: 460 written testimonies AGAINST the bill vs. only 11 – mostly professional abortion activists – in favor of abortion tourism.

You can read Peter’s strong testimony delivered in-person, during a snow storm, below.

Pro-tip: you can continue to submit testimony at this link. Just click on testimony for 2/28/23 and HB6618: 

Here are what other pro-lifers have already submitted:

HB 6618 would fund killing the children of poor, out-of-state women through abortion.  Protected in their home state against coercion and trafficking . . . CT pro-abortionists are unsatisfied.  They want you to fund their abortions here.

HB 6618 not only offends the 66% of Connecticut residents who think abortion should be restricted, it adds insult by forcing those taxpayers to fund the abortions for out-of-state people and their travel expenses!

This bill is a $2 million consolation prize to CT abortionists after the defeat of Roe v. Wade last year.  Connecticut can’t afford it and the abortionists don’t need it.

With a 32% reduction of on-site abortions in Connecticut over the past 10 years, Connecticut’s abortion providers appear to be pressuring their legislator-water-bearers to make up that revenue by paying for the abortions of out-of-state residents and their travel expenses. 

Help us say no to this outrageous use of your tax dollars by submitting testimony and following other steps against HB 6618.

1) Use our Grassroots Action Center to send an e-mail directly to your state senator and state representative by going to our Action Center and clicking on the Abortion Tourism Alert. We have provided some basic points, but please either put the message in your own words or add a brief introduction and conclusion! Personalized messages have a much greater impact. Let our legislators know that you want them to vote NO on HB 6618 and any other bill that funds abortion. 

2) In addition to your own legislators, contact the members of the Human Services Committee now and ask them to vote NO on HB 6618. Their contact information can be found by clicking here and then clicking on “Committee Membership.”

 3) Submit written testimony. If you cannot afford the time to show up at the Legislative Office Building and testify, then you can just submit your written testimony. The testimony does not have to be long, but must contain your name, address, bill number and bill name. When you submit your testimony (PDF format preferred) you will be asked to indicate if you are opposed or in support of HB 6618.

Please submit written testimony using the On-line Testimony Submission Form.

4) Click here to donate to Family Institute of Connecticut Action. FIC Action, the lobbying arm of Connecticut’s pro-family movement, is your eyes and ears at the state Capitol. Your support allows us to continue to be your voice for faith and family.