Recording of Let Kids Be Kids Conference Available Now!

You can now access the AFTERNOON RECORDING of our conference plus, Brandon Showalter and Peter Wolfgang, Executive Director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, for a limited time on our Zoom channel. The MORNING RECORDING is also available for a limited time.

Brendan Showalter is a Senior Investigative Journalist for The Christian Post and has done a series of heart-rending and troubling stories about Big Transgender and is the host of the Generation Indoctrination podcast.

Simply register and watch the conversation and also enjoy the second half of our Let Kids Be Kids Conference. Alvin Lui, President of Courage Is A Habit and Joel Thornton, Chief Operations Officer and Litigation Counsel for Child and Parental Rights Campaign, Inc and our roundtable discuss current issues of interest to parents and caregivers across Connecticut.

Did you miss the recording of the first half of our Let Kids Be Kids Conference? It focused on Social Emotional Learning and Comprehensive Sex Education in our schools. You can still watch it for a limited time by registering here.