Same-Sex “Wedding” at Governor’s Residence

The Hartford Courant reports that former Rep. Mike Lawlor is “marrying” his partner at a reception to be held at the Governor’s residence, the “wedding” to be performed by Justice Andrew McDonald:

“Yep, I’m the last of the group to get gay married, ” quipped Lawlor, who, with Mark Ojakian,now Malloy’s chief of staff, then legislator McDonald and others, spearheaded the push for legislation legalizing gay marriage in Connecticut.

You will never hear it from the mainstream media, but Family Institute of Connecticut stopped that legislation every year. It was a 4-3 decision of the Connecticut Supreme Court that enacted same-sex “marriage” in our state, the deciding vote cast by a lower court judge after a mysterious recusal. Afterwards, FIC secured the strongest religious liberty protections against same-sex “marriage” in the country.

And in the years since, the social science evidence against same-sex “marriage” has become stronger.

It is important to remember all of this, because some time next week the U.S. Supreme Court will be handing down its own same-sex “marriage” rulings.

In 2008, the Connecticut Supreme Court told a lie. They invented a “right” to same-sex “marriage” in our state constitution, when no such “right” existed.

The U.S. Supreme Court is now faced with the same choice. Will the nation’s high court, like Connecticut’s, tell a lie and invent a “right” to same-sex “marriage” in the U.S. Constitution? Or will the U.S. Supreme Court be better, more honest, than the Connecticut Supreme Court, and refuse to lie?

We will know the answer next week.