Just under a week from the start of 40 Days for Life, we received the joyful news of another CT abortion clinic closing.

Pro-life stalwart Marilyn Caroll informs us that Summit Center in Bridgeport is shutting its doors for good. “Their business has been down for quite a while,” she said. “When we started in 1990 the Summit was doing up to 80 abortions a day, four days a week. Now…the norm has been less than 10 abortions a day two days a week.”

Peter Wolfgang spoke in front of that abortion mill for the second time at the Roe v. Wade Memorial this year, and Leslie Wolfgang spoke there last year at the kickoff of 40 Days for Life. Watch Peter’s first speech here: “…little by little, even in the state of Connecticut, you can see that progress is being made…”

God has graciously answered the prayers of so many dedicated people who have borne witness outside Summit over the years. Appropriately, we learned the news on “PinkOut Day,” when Planned Parenthood had its supporters whipped into a froth, doing what the  billion dollar abortion empire does best: playing the victim, even while their CEO testified under oath that not a single mammogram is done on their premises.

We must not let up the pressure on America’s largest abortion chain. According to Marilyn, Summit continues to refer surgical and chemical abortions to Planned Parenthood in Bridgeport and New Haven. Planned Parenthood will be doing even more abortions — and they’ll be doing them with the blessing of our state government.

Our sources tell us that, while hospitals have taken a significant hit from budget cuts that reduce Medicaid reimbursements, Planned Parenthood has been spared. So much for “shared sacrifice.”

It’s no big mystery why Planned Parenthood enjoys preferential treatment from reigning Democrats (such as Nancy Wyman); their super PAC knows how to take care of its own. It’s more disappointing that — with the lone, courageous exception of Michael McLachlan — the state GOP has yet to find its voice.