FIC members already received our July 21st email blast on the horrific undercover videos showing top Planned Parenthood abortionists explaining how they allegedly use the illegal and gruesome partial-birth abortion procedure to harvest and sell body parts of aborted children. And they received our July 24st email blast inviting them to join us at the Stamford Women Betrayed Rally in front of the City Government Building on Washington Boulevard this Tuesday, July 28th, at noon, where FIC’s Nicole Stacy will be one of the speakers. (Not on our email list? Use our Quick Sign Up here.)

We don’t want to repeat everything we said in those emails. But we do want to provide some additional information on the Connecticut dimensions of this story as it develops.

We asked in our July 21st e-blast “Why has neither party in Connecticut joined the call to investigae the abortion industry?” Exactly one elected official in Connecticut that we know of, Sen. Michael McLachlan (R-Danbury) has joined that call. [Update: Sen. McLachlan on 7/23 also sent a letter to Attorney General George Jepsen and Commissioner of the Department of Public Health Jewel Mullen asking for a formal investigation of Planned Parenthood in Connecticut.]

We said in FIC’s July 21st eblast, “Defund, Investigate Connecticut’s Abortion Industry,” that “we are the only Connecticut group to take up this challenge, to issue this call.” Though it is not available on their website or Facebook, our friends at Connecticut Right to Life Corporation sent an eblast last night with a press release calling for a state investigation of Planned Parenthood.

[Update: A 7/27 CRLC e-blast also lists this information on another local Women Betrayed Rally: Waterbury – rally on the Waterbury Green – Please arrive for 11:30 AM [July 28th] – participants will walk from the Green to Planned Parenthood and end back at the Green]


We noted in our July 21st email the irony that Sen. Blumenthal stood with the state’s abortionists at a press conference against Connecticut’s pro-life crisis pregnancy centers but won’t stand against Planned Parenthood in the wake of these gruesome videos. Syndicated columnist Don Pesci has more.

And what of the reactions from Connecticut’s pro-abortion activists? NARAL is still bent on attacking the crisis pregnancy centers. One wonders, though, if they are still as excited to launch legislative attacks against the CPCs as they were a month ago, now that the Planned Parenthood videos are public. Bills aimed at pro-life centers could end up requiring greater transparency from Connecticut’s very-lightly regulated abortion clinics too.

And a friend sends along this message from the taxpayer-funded pro-abortion Permanent Commission on the Status of Women:

“The PCSW stands with Planned Parenthood in the face of this untruthful smear campaign. The most widely known and trusted women’s healthcare provider in the country, Planned Parenthood has helped millions of women – throughout their lifespan, of all races and economic strata – gain access to safe, professional healthcare, ranging from life-saving cancer screenings and mammograms, to reproductive health services such as contraception and abortion. Contrary to its name, the Center for Medical Progress is an extremist group whose current attack on Planned Parenthood is the latest in a long-standing pattern of harassing the organization and misleading the public. The PCSW applauds all lawmakers who oppose this latest attempt to discredit and defund Planned Parenthood, which we see as part of a larger attempt to limit women’s autonomy over their own bodies.”

Your tax dollars at work. For now.