I go to great effort to keep disagreements with political opponents as respectful as possible. Still, there are times when I really struggle to comprehend how politicians can think and act with such massive contradiction and not appear to be bothered by it at all.

In the case of my best friend Senator Blumenthal, who never did call me after ducking my question about Hobby Lobby last summer, I have concluded that there must be two separate brains in the same head that don’t communicate with each other…because it’s the most charitable explanation that makes any sense.

Steve Martin in 'The Man With Two Brains'

Steve Martin in ‘The Man With Two Brains’

Rarely have I been so disgusted (and that’s saying a lot!) as I have watching the U.S. Senate Democrats throw a tantrum over Hyde Amendment language in an anti-human trafficking bill — as though this was new and controversial, not something that has been around for decades and has clear majority support, including a majority of women.

Senator Murphy also got his two cents in:


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He’s talking about preventing money the government confiscates from criminals from funding abortions. I doubt that anybody, Murphy included, thinks those individuals have a right to any further say in what happens to their illegitimate gains; however, the American people should, and not using it to pay for abortion is certainly in the spirit of what they have indicated they want time and time again. To him, evidently, that constitutes a “rollback.”

However, even Murphy does not double down like Blumenthal. Here he is asserting that killing babies is the ticket to freedom for modern slaves (even though there is much evidence that a quick, no-questions-asked abortion sends them right back into the grip of their pimps):

imageHere he is developing a serious case of amnesia about who was truly responsible for holding up the confirmation of Loretta Lynch, as though he didn’t vote five times against cloture on the trafficking bill:

imageNo reason, indeed.  Here he continues to bemoan the very gridlock he contributed to:

imageHere he is quick to bask in the glow of the compromise, although it wasn’t his idea:

imageAnd here, the dissociation with reality is complete. There is much good in America, but at this point can we really be accused of doing too much to “save children”? Can Blumenthal, or any politician who stands by abortion on demand?

imageI feel ashamed of this whole episode and of Connecticut’s role in it. Our state and our country can, frankly, do better.