Legislators and school administrators play "hide the ball" from parents and constituents.

“Laws are Like Sausages. Better Not to See Them Being Made” goes the adage. The legislative making process is notoriously opaque, but the insertion of “treatment of gender dysphoria” into HB5414 was especially gob-smacking. No LCO number, no bill number, no co-sponsors, no public notice, no public hearing, no opportunity for public debate, no publication in the Bulletin . . . just a back-door, behind-the-scenes insertion of transgender ideology into an unrelated bill. Rules for thee, but not for me is how “progressives” from both parties operate in Connecticut. Gender dysphoria and transgenderism is not debatable anymore – our “moral betters” are just going to act by legislative fiat. I’m wondering where our legislators’ confidence comes from when they are too scared to face public scrutiny and legal process.

Speaking of where. Where are feminist objections to a late-night insertion of cross-dressing men into a bill about womens’ “reproductive health”? Women, as a concept distinct from men, is experiencing a hostile takeover facilitated by our own legislature.

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Other than this tweet by “Award-seeking political reporter”, Connecticut newspapers have been mostly silent about this part of the legislation.

These back-door machinations are like the low-key, behind-the-scenes policies being adopted by CABE, the State of Connecticut Board of Education and school districts across Connecticut. Policies that may prevent teachers and all school employees from revealing to a parent or guardian that their child is exhibiting signs of gender dysphoria. Hiding a medical condition from parents! Instead, school administrators do reveal to students where they can change their clothes before classes in order to deceive parents and guardians. Again, avoiding public input and excluding parents are signs of a sick and dysfunctional government and society. Connecticut political leaders and public administrators should be leaders in transparency, not facilitate back-room sausage making.