Loss of federal funding . . much ado about nothing.

Despite all the hyperbole about losing federal funding, it seems the state of Connecticut would attempt to replace any lost funding for Planned Parenthood CT.  This is expected.  Bad news you say? Yes, it continues to be bad news for women and their unborn children that they are offered killing instead of care.  However, the transfer of funding from federal to state level will help clarify for CT citizens that their money is given to Big Abortion.  Instead of Planned Parenthood funding being some distant function of an enormous federal budget, CT citizens will learn that when they “stand with Planned Parenthood” they stand with this, and this, and this.

CT would protect Planned Parenthood Medicaid funds under Malloy proposal

So when the CT Mirror’s headline says “CT would protect Planned Parenthood Medicaid funds under Malloy proposal” . . . well of course CT would. Let’s remember though, that CT also spent $100 million taxpayer dollars on embryonic stem cell research beginning in 2005 just to stick it to the Bush Administration for not funding it. Did we ever get anything for that money?

Community Health Centers that don’t do abortions outnumber Planned Parenthood clinics 13-1 in CT, btw. But they’re not getting the money because it’s really about abortion. It’s always about abortion.