The beautiful children you see above are students from the Hartford campus of Regina Caeli Academy, at the March for Life in Washington, DC yesterday. That’s my daughter, Katie, holding the sign she made and another of my daughters, Elizabeth, on the left wearing the funny hat. The photo currently has 377 shares and over 1,600 likes on the facebook of, the organization that took the photo. It was LifeSiteNews’ most popular photo of the March.

There were a tremendous number of people from Connecticut at the March yesterday, from various schools, churches, activist organizations and homeschooling communities. Though Connecticut pro-lifers have been effectively shut out out of the political process in our home state, with even the Republicans making disparaging remarks about our cause following the defeat of their own “moderate” pro-abortion candidates, our numbers are growing and will eventually be felt in Hartford and Washington, DC. It is only a matter of time.