Former state Sen. Dan Debicella, a Republican candidate for Congress in Connecticut’s 4th District, said in the September 12th, 2013 Shelton Herald:

“I am pro-choice,” he said. “I’ve always been pro-choice. I’m pro-stem cell research. I’m pro-gay marriage. I am very, very liberal on a lot of social issues.”

Family Institute of Connecticut Action president Peter Wolfgang responded, “Dan Debicella’s comments to the Shelton Herald are a flip-flop on marriage and a betrayal of Connecticut’s pro-family voters. Debicella told FIC in 2006 that he supported the traditional definition of marriage, in 2007 he was one of only three state senators to vote against forcing Catholic hospitals to provide the potentially abortifacient Plan B drug and in 2008 FIC’s political action committee openly endorsed him for state senate.”

Wolfgang added, “Republican candidates for high office would do well to learn from the mistakes of Linda McMahon’s 2012 campaign. Connecticut Republicans have nothing to gain from embracing the anti-family agenda and everything to lose: they will not win liberal Democrat voters but they will lose social conservatives who see little difference between the two parties. Yet many Connecticut Republicans continue to follow this strategy to defeat every two years.”

(This was a September 13, 2013 email alert to members of Family Institute of Connecticut Action.)