There was scheduled an “intersectional” rally for Sunday, May 15, 2022 on CT’s predominantly white “Gold Coast” to promote abortions in the “Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other people of color” communities because, you know, it is VERY IMPORTANT to Planned Parenthood that BLACK & BROWN PEOPLE ACCESS ABORTIONS. They can’t talk enough about it and it is evidently one of their highest priorities even though “Black women make up 14 percent of the child-bearing population yet obtain 36.2 percent of all reported abortions”. I’m sure their eugenicist founder would be pleased.

The “Pink Wave Action” group wishes to “Stand Up Against SCOTUS Leaked Draft Decision” released on May 2. They can’t be too upset about the leaked decision, since it was likely released to Politico by a left-leaning employee of the Court and 2 weeks later spawned dozens of well-heeled and coordinated rallies. Shamefully convenient.

I wonder if the intersectional groups and politicians affiliated with Planned Parenthood Action Fund envisioned threats against the Supreme Court and violence against pro-family groups as part of their “Vigil for Democracy” held last year.

I hope not, but if you want to protect Democracy then the best thing the Supreme Court can do is to return the debate on abortion back to the democratic process. Justice Scalia Alito outlines in the draft Dobbs decision all the ways in which the horribly decided Roe v Wade has torn our country into factions and has been a source of de-stability. Threats and violent actions by other anarchist/feminist groups across America will not stop The Family Institute of Connecticut from working to permit every woman, born and unborn, to access life.

Speaking of violence in the wake of the Dobbs release, our
sister group
, Wisconsin Family Action was FIREBOMBED
and defaced by a pro-abortion group on Mother’s Day
because of their pro-life activities including defense of
pregnancy-resource centers. They have also received
subsequent threats and harsh treatment and a mixed response by authorities to the violence. Astonishingly, the group that claims responsibility for the actions has called for MORE VIOLENCE against pro-life groups like Family Institute of Connecticut and there has been. Where are the repudiations and arrests?

Images from Wisconsin Family Action.