NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut is “whining up a storm on Twitter” over the U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down Massachusetts’ buffer zone law, as FIC’s Nicole Stacy has reported. But the state’s pro-abortion lobby is revising its own history when it comes to buffer zones in Connecticut.

The facts were accurately reported at the time in this 2010 Hartford Courant item. NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut responded to that year’s successful 40 Days for Life campaign–13 babies saved outside Hartford’s abortion clinic!–by saying they would

be working to secure a buffer zone in the coming year and we’ll keep you [NARAL’s members] posted on our progress.

FIC took NARAL’s threat seriously…and so did The Courant. Anticipating a 2011 battle over buffer zones, Connecticut’s paper of record declared “This state isn’t known as a battleground on social issues but a fault line is emerging over abortion.” FIC’s political action committee asked candidates about their position on buffer zones for years afterward because of NARAL’s threat.

And yet, NARAL never did make good on their threat, which is why their Connecticut head played this sleight of hand in the New Haven Register today:

Wolfgang said at the time that it NARAL’s goal to introduce a “buffer zone” law to impinge on FIC’s free speech rights.

Christian Miron, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut, said the organization explores new policies all the time in order to keep providers and women free from harassment as they access this legal service.

“We have never introduced legislation related to buffer zones. I’m not sure what he is claiming victory over,” Miron said, referring to Wolfgang.

FIC did not invent NARAL’s desire to pass buffer zones in Connecticut. It came from their own December 6, 2010 email blast. And NARAL’s email was a bit more than “exploratory.” It was a stated commitment. Here’s the screen shot:


It is possible that FIC’s strong response–and the immediate media attention it generated–caused NARAL to back off. Regardless, that NARAL was never able to carry out it’s threat to pass buffer zones in Connecticut–and now they can’t–is what FIC is “claiming victory over.”

That NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut wants to pretend this never happened is no surprise to FIC. Reminding them of the history they would like to forget makes victories like this one even sweeter.