I wish Talk of Connecticut still had its Dan Lovallo archives on its website, so I could link to his 2009 interview of me regarding President Obama’s nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. Here is what I remember: I hedged. Given that there was nothing we could do to stop her, I suggested that Sotomayor might turn out to be the best of the worst. As a lower court judge, she had ruled in favor of pro-lifers on several occasions…and her nomination made NARAL nervous. I feel vindicated in that judgement as of last night, now that Justice Sotomayor has issued a temporary halt of the HHS Mandate for the Little Sisters of the Poor. I’m sure she’s still with the cultural Left, that a reverse-Souter is too much to hope for. But while this Administration is still in control, I’ll take our victories wherever I can find them. So: Hurray for us!

[See FIC’s history in fighting the HHS Mandate here.]