Join Peter and Leslie Wolfgang at their alma mater, University of Connecticut School of Law, on Friday, March 31 from 8am to 10am to protest a symposium entitled “Are Parental Rights Always in the Best Interest of Children?”. The rally is sponsored by the Connecticut Liberty Rally, CT Parents and Unmask our Kids and all the information you need can be found HERE.

To be sure, the birth parents of a child are not always in a child’s best interest and a parent’s right to their children can and should sometimes be removed or abrogated. Nobody would deny that. But parental rights as a concept are always in the best interest of children because parents love their children more than the State, period.

The organizers of the symposium couldn’t be more clear in their advertisement that parents are just plain interfering with their “progressive goals.” They flatly state that parents are undermining “gender-affirming care” and wonder if children’s interests “can and should be represented” by parents.

It used to be easy to dismiss these symposiums as mere quackery on the outskirts of academia. No longer. We know these discussions form future policy-makers who when they are in power, pressure society on every level to bend to their self-aggrandizing opinions.

We must give these future and current policy-makers an education that no amount of poly-syllabic, academic-speak changes that “parental rights” are indistinguishable from the “best interest of children”. Show your opposition to the suggestion that parents rights are subordinate to the state by signing our PETITION and attending this rally on March 31, 2023 at UConn Law School, 55 Elizabeth St., Hartford, CT.

Umm, yes.
At least they are being honest in their stated assumptions. Here is a link to more information from the symposium sponsors: