Connecticut's Pregnancy Resource Center's respond with lawsuit against legislation.

Connecticut’s Pregnancy Resource Centers fight back in October with a lawsuit against new law.

In response to growing abortion restrictions in other parts of the country and as a culmination of a national campaign against pregnancy resource centers, NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut pressed their abortion allies at the legislature to pass a law in 2021 regulating advertising by Connecticut’s pregnancy resource centers.

“Should this bill become law, it will be on very shaky ground in court, especially after the discussion that was just held today,’’ Wolfgang said.

May 5, 2021 Hartford Courant

In previous years, when we were able to testify in person, the Family Institute of Connecticut, our members and our Pregnancy Resource Center allies were able to defeat this bill by telling the stories of women, children and families that these centers help. Every year we noted to surprised legislators that there were no official complaints against these centers. And we DEFEATED this bill each year including 2018, 2019 and 2020. But this year when we were not able to show up in person, the levers of power worked against us and the pro-abortion lobby was able to pass this bill.

Peter Wolfgang, executive director of Family Institute of Connecticut (Ruth Bruno / Hartford Courant)

Thanks to our generous supporters, Christina Bennett was able to passionately testify on behalf of the Family Institute of Connecticut against this bill. Peter Wolfgang and others cautioned legislators that this law would treat pregnancy resource centers different than similarly situated entities and was inherently discriminatory and biased in many different ways that would make it vulnerable to legal challenge.

Many legislators shared our concerns and because of the its legal weaknesses, the law is now being challenged in court by a group of pregnancy resource centers in Connecticut. This is exciting news and we ask our members to pray for the pregnancy resource centers and for wisdom and guidance for all persons involved in this suit, particularly the staff of Alliance Defending Freedom.