St. Joseph’s College Betrays Pro-Lifers, Again

The Food and Drug Administration has announced that it will allow the Morning After Pill–the potentially abortifacient Plan B drug–to be sold over-the-counter without a prescription to 15 year old girls. Family Institute of Connecticut is quoted in The Hartford Courant today against the decision:

“It’s put the safety of young girls at risk because there is very little scientific data available about how the drug affects young girls who are still going through puberty. It interferes with the rights of parents by coming between parents and their underage daughters,” said Peter Wolfgang, executive director of the pro-family advocacy organization based in Hartford.

But on the Ray Dunaway Show this morning, University of Saint Joseph School of Pharmacy Professor Maria Summa voiced support for providing Plan B to 15 year old girls.

Prof. Summa said that it was “ideal” for women to take Plan B within 72 hours after intercourse. She dismissed any suggestion of negative side effects from the drug, cautioning only that it should not be used as a regular form of contraception. She strongly recommended other forms of contraception, in contradiction to Catholic teaching.

The University of Saint Joseph is a Catholic institution and the Family Institute of Connecticut is not. We have never considered it our place to speak publicly about the Catholicity or lack thereof of entities claiming to be Catholic.

But we are a pro-life and pro-family organization and the University of Saint Joseph has repeatedly betrayed the cause.

Its president, Pamela Trotman Reid, told The Hartford Courant in 2008 that she wanted Barack Obama elected not in spite of his pro-abortion stand but because of it. She subsequently promised Archbishop Mansell that she would uphold the Catholic values of the school but then accepted an award from a pro-abortion organization. You can read about it here.