Last weekend Connecticut welcomed a group which hosted its first secular conference. Heralded by bill boards across Connecticut proclaiming themselves “good”, the coalition seeks to build networking opportunities and increase their political involvement. Despite a few jabs at folks whose politics are formed by Judeo-Christian values, the Family Institute welcomes everyone to participate in the public square in good faith, even atheists. We hope, despite growing cases of discrimination and persecution against Christians, that social conservatives will continue to enjoy the same freedom to associate, organize, earn a living, worship and participate in our culture.

Also last weekend, Yale hosted its first pro-life conference, Vita et Veritas (Life and Truth), and one of the panelists represented a national secular pro-life organization. From the Yale Daily News:

Secular Pro-Life President Kelsey Hazzard predicted “that there are currently 6 million Americans who are non-religious and pro-life, adding that this is a function of the current generation being both more pro-life and more secular than previous generations.” According to the article, the panelists “discussed the importance of cooperation in the pro-life community between religious and secular groups”.

As a former atheist, who came to the faith by way of first accepting the truths about abortion, I want everyone to know that in some circles, these secularists make the best converts (and on converts making great Christians, just ask St. Paul). The Family Institute of Connecticut has worked with diverse groups and has members of all faiths and none, but we are united in our resolve to make Connecticut a better place for families, including the most nascent and vulnerable among us. With God’s grace and your help, we look forward to continuing these efforts.

Donny: “Are they going to hurt us?”

Walter: “No, Donny, these men are nihilists, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

~ The Big Lebowski