The latest e-blast from FIC’s Executive Director, Peter Wolfgang:

“He Who Sits In The Heavens Laughs…”

Every Friday morning a group of Evangelical prayer warriors conducts a weekly conference call in order to pray for the Family Institute of Connecticut. We were struck by the insight of one participant in particular last week.

“We pray for an increase during fundraising season,” she said. “Our opponents have so much more than we do…but we still win!” She quoted Psalm 2:4 on how God sits in Heaven and laughs.

We knew what she meant. The whole pro-life movement in Connecticut could hear God’s laughter this past week.

It began with the mainstream media declaring Connecticut’s pro-abortion activists to be “Losers” in this year’s legislative session. We mentioned this before but it is so unusual that it bears repeating. When do the press ever admit that the pro-abortion side are losers?

The print edition of The Hartford Courant, for instance, could only manage to grudgingly acknowledge NARAL’s defeat with a small AP story at the bottom of page B2. The issue is otherwise only discussed in that paper in a never-ending series of pro-abortion op-eds.

But the rest of the media–in our state and beyond–understood quite well the “man bites dog” newsworthiness of pro-lifers handing the pro-abortion lobby their heads in deep-blue Connecticut. So did our allies.

Our friends at ABC Women’s Center e-mailed their list this marvelous message. There was an article from LiveAction News. And from NIFLA a statement that should concentrate the minds of our elected officials:

“All states should consider the potential costs of such pro-abortion policies rather than force taxpayers to pay thousands or even millions of dollars to defend unconstitutional bills on behalf of the abortion industry. Instead of doing the bidding of Planned Parenthood and organizations like it, legislators should work to support women and local nonprofits that provide them with options and resources.”

There was a thorough article by CT Mirror that appeared in newspapers around the state, like the Middletown Press. We loved the teaser for it on the front page of the Waterbury Sunday Republican:

That same newspaper also issued this delightful editorial, applauding the state senate for ignoring the anti-pregnancy center bill. And our victory was noted in national media outlets too:

“We successfully showed even pro-choice politicians that this was a radical bill that unconstitutionally discriminated against pro-lifers because of our political viewpoint,” Wolfgang told Breitbart News. “The bill’s defeat is a humiliating blow to NARAL’s Connecticut chapter, which lost even politicians it had helped to elect.”

As Breitbart notes, one politician whom we failed to persuade was Jillian Gilchrest. She took to Twitter to express her disappointment at the failure of H.B. 7070. But see all the pushback she received for it.

So what does NARAL have to say about all this? As you might imagine, they are not laughing along with us:

Of course, NARAL being NARAL, their post leaves out the role also played by the Democrats in the death of their bill. But they know it even if they are not saying it. And we take their threats quite seriously.

We have big plans for this Fall and next Spring. Projects we have never attempted before. The threats of our opponents make these plans absolutely necessary–and your funding of them.

For as great a year as we just had, the fact is that it was a close shave. Many of these battles could very easily have gone the other way.

We know to Whom we ultimately owe these victories. We hear His laughter.

We also know, as an old saying goes, that we are to “Pray as if everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on you.”

We are doing all of the above. And we ask for your help so that we may continue doing it.

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Thank you!