Your help is needed to defeat assisted suicide in Connecticut.

Please take the following action items listed below!

You already attended the public hearing on March 18th, HB7015 – with the Orwellian title . . . “An Act Concerning Aid in Dying for Terminally Ill Patients.”

Family Institute of Connecticut Action needs as many people as possible to take the steps below to help us defeat the assisted suicide bill. (Please set aside Monday, April 13th right now to come to the state Capitol in Hartford for FIC Action’s lobby day against assisted suicide.)

Though FIC Action and our allies crushed assisted suicide at the state Capitol for the last two years–and the biggest pro-assisted suicide legislator lost her election last year–the George Soros-funded pro-assisted suicide group is using its great wealth to force our overburdened state government to take up the issue again in 2015.

We have to respond. We have to contact our legislators and ask them to vote NO on the Assisted Suicide Bill.

FIC Action does not support keeping a patient alive by extraordinary means against that patient’s will. We support true aid-in-dying, which is hospice and palliative care. What we oppose is licensing doctors to prescribe lethal drugs for the purpose of taking a human life, prescribing suicide as a treatment.

And we are not alone. Connecticut hospice associations, the Connecticut Medical Society, disability rights advocates and many on the political Left joined FIC Action these last two years in opposing assisted suicide because it is bad public policy that puts vulnerable populations at risk. We can find alternatives for easing pain without passing a law that could put pressure on the elderly and people with disabilities to feel that they are a burden and should end their lives.

The societal implications of legalizing assisted suicide are staggering. Government and doctors would be endorsing suicide. One Connecticut legislator at the “Compassion and Choices” press conference two years ago admitted under questioning that once this first bill is passed, they could come back for a second bill to allow the mentally incompetent to take their own lives. In Belgium, a law to euthanize children has been passed. In Oregon, patients desiring treatment under the Oregon Health Plan have been offered assisted suicide instead.

We cannot let this happen in Connecticut. FIC Action needs your help to stop the assisted suicide bill. Here are five ways that you can fight back:

1) CONTACT YOUR OWN LEGISLATORS: Use our Grassroots Action Center to send an e-mail directly to your state senator and state representative by clicking on The link will direct you to another screen with a “take action” button at the bottom. Click on the “take action” button to e-mail your legislators. We have provided some basic points, but please either put the message in your own words or add a brief introduction and conclusion! Personalized messages have a much greater impact. Let our legislators know that you want them to vote NO on SB 668 and any other bill that legalizes Assisted Suicide.

2) CONTACT THE MEMBERS OF THE COMMITTEE: In addition to your own legislators, contact thetime for action
members of the Judiciary Committee
now and ask them to vote NO on HB 7015. Their contact information can be found at

3) Come lobby your legislators in person! Plan to attend FIC Action’s lobby day on Monday, April 13th.

4) WE NEED YOUR FINANCIAL HELP: Click here to donate to Family Institute of Connecticut Action. FIC Action, the lobbying arm of Connecticut’s pro-family movement, is your eyes and ears at the state Capitol. Your support allows us to continue to be your voice for faith and family.

5) PLEASE SHARE: Forward this message to every like-minded state resident you know and ask them to do likewise. Use the FIC Action Center or the links on this blog post to share this message on social media. “Like” FIC Action’s Facebook  page and follow us on Twitter. Follow those pages for regular updates and share our posts. We need as much support as possible to stop Assisted Suicide in Connecticut.

Thank you for making your voice heard in the fight to protect our most vulnerable citizens from Assisted Suicide. Click this link below log in and send your message to your legislators: