Connecticut’s pro-lifers can take a bow. For seven years, beginning in 2013, we defeated assisted suicide every year. In fact, we crushed it so badly that it didn’t even make it out of Committee.

Today, for the first time, assisted suicide did make it out Committee. But consider what the death lobby had to do to finally get their evil cause this far.

They had to shut down the Legislative Office Building. Our opponents exploited a once-in-a-century global pandemic to pass assisted suicide out of Committee in a year when we were not even allowed to testify or lobby our legislators in person. Everything was remote, everything was by Zoom.

See Peter Wolfgang’s testimony against the 2021 assisted suicide bill on our Facebook.

They stacked the Committee with pro-assisted suicide legislators. The Public Health Committee was increased to a whopping 33 members, with legislators who had opposed assisted suicide being replaced by legislators who support it. In fact, pro-assisted suicide activists had openly declared that this was their strategy for Connecticut.

See this video at the 43:30 mark, where pro-assisted suicide forces state their designs on the Public Health Committee.

You can see the Public Health Committee’s membership by clicking here and then clicking on Committee Membership.

In short, every Democrat except Henry Genga voted in favor of assisted suicide. All but three Republicans voted against assisted suicide. The three Republicans who cast pro-assisted suicide votes were Sen. Tony Hwang, Rep. Robin Green, and Rep. Kathy Kennedy

Pro-assisted suicide forces had to pull extraordinary shenanigans just to finally get assisted suicide out of Committee after eight years of failure. And this fight is still only just beginning. As reported by The Hartford Courant:

Peter Wolfgang, the executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, has long been an opponent of [assisted suicide]legislation. But he said the experience of the past year, living through the coronavirus pandemic, has strengthened his resolve to fight the concept…

“This has been a horrible year for the elderly in Connecticut and around the country,” Wolfgang said. “So many people have been left to die alone, [with the sense] that their life has no value.”

To approve [assisted suicide] in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic “is to be absolutely deaf to the human crisis we’ve all experienced this past year,” he said. “After everything the elderly have been through, to throw assisted suicide into the mix, to add this sense that some lives aren’t worth living, that some people are better off dead, puts us down a very dark road.”

We thank our members, and our allies, for all you have done this past decade to defeat assisted suicide. We can beat assisted suicide again, in 2021, with your help. Watch for more information soon.