From our friend Chris O’Brien, Connecticut Right to Life’s Vice-President for Legislative Affairs:

Every year conservatives are told that Connecticut voters are not conservative. They say that voters here are pro-choice, liberal, and support the current regimes in office. As a result, we have constantly had candidate after candidate trotted before us in the polls that do not express our views- and Lose.
Well, if these candidates don’t seem to be able to win with their “moderate” to “moderate-liberal” views, then do they really know who THEY are appealing to?

Are there really few pro-life Republicans in Connecticut? Is gun control favored by most residents? What about parental notification of abortion, homosexual education in our schools and other recent trends?

Do all Connecticut residents in urban areas think alike? Or are there more conservative Democrats than we think?

I’m asking for your help to conduct an exit- poll this election day.
We’ll have dozens of volunteers around Connecticut – in small towns and large cities – asking voters to fill out the brief survey. It will ask a broad range of questions, but focus on conservative topics. We will reduce as much bias as possible and the survey will be brief enough to fill out in approximately one minute.

You will not be campaigning. You will not be asking for votes or distributing information. Just asking voters for their input – AFTER they vote. You will collect the response on the spot.

The results will help us educate candidates and also inform us what kind of educational goals we should establish in the next year. I’m looking for volunteers to carry this out, as well as others you know who can assist with this project. Please contact me directly to ask for more information.

– Chris O’Brien