Nation's Focus on Federal Abortion Law Falls on Connecticut...and FIC

Rosa DeLauro, a Connecticut Congresswoman, has been elected chairperson of the Appropriations Committee. It is a very influential position. Our local press is understandably enamored with how Rep. DeLauro’s new role could benefit Connecticut.

But one of DeLauro’s first acts as chairwoman-elect will be to hold a hearing, tomorrow, on repealing the Hyde Amendment. That is the law forbidding the federal government from funding elective abortions with your tax dollars via Medicaid. It is estimated to have saved over 2 million lives since 1976.

We knew this was coming. Democrat leaders have made it clear that this is a priority for them. With control of the Senate still up in the air until the Georgia runoffs next month, repeal of the Hyde Amendment is a real threat. 

Why are they doing this? The answer is that Congresswoman DeLauro sees the Hyde Amendment’s saving of millions of lives as somehow racist. 

It is an absurd claim. And a source of sadness that the tip of the spear in prosecuting this absurdity will be a U.S. Representative from Connecticut.

That is the bad news, for the unborn in general and Connecticut in particular.

Now the good news, for both the unborn and Connecticut. 

The one pro-lifer in all of America who has been chosen to speak in defense of the 60,000 unborn children saved annually by the Hyde Amendment at Rep. DeLauro’s hearing tomorrow? The one pro-lifer chosen to rebut the charge of the Hyde Amendment’s alleged racism?

Family Institute of Connecticut’s own Christina Bennett.

CT Mirror reports on what Christina will face tomorrow:

“Three of the witnesses at the virtual hearing will be advocates of abortion rights, including  Dr. Herminia Palaccio, the president of the Guttmacher Institute. The dissenting view will come from Christina Bennett, the communications director of the Family Institute of Connecticut.”

Three against one. And that one, Christina, will be speaking for the unborn and for every pro-lifer in America.

That is why this email alert has the subject title that it does. That is why FIC is asking you to do these three things:

1) Pray for Christina. As we say above, repeal of the Hyde Amendment could really happen. Pray that God gives Christina the wisdom to say the right things tomorrow. Pray that her efforts help save the Hyde Amendment, regardless of whatever may happen in the Georgia runoffs next month.

2) Watch Christina’s testimony live at 10:00 am tomorrow, Tuesday, December 8th. The link is here.

3) Donate to FIC. We’ve said it all along. Connecticut is ground zero in many of the biggest cultural battles of our lifetime. This is why FIC’s importance extends well beyond our state. Never was this more true than now, when both sides in the most important abortion fight in years will be from Connecticut…and the pro-life side from FIC.

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