The U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday voted 228-196 to pass the Pain Capable Child Protection Act, a ban on abortion starting at 20 weeks (the point at which the unborn child can feel pain). The Susan B. Anthony List’s Marjorie Dannenfelser reports:

It is historic.  For the first time since Roe versus Wade in 1973, a successful federal level vote occurred to restrict abortion and protect children at a particular point.  This is the beginning of a process.  While it is unlikely that it will be signed by the president (!), yesterday marked the first day of the work to pass such a restriction nationally.

Family Institute of Connecticut Action hopes our state will one day be a part of that process, but today is not that day. All five of our U.S. House Representatives voted against the bill. Elizabeth Esty and Rosa DeLauro (“the congresswomen from Planned Parenthood,” says Don Pesci) went even further, releasing truly obnoxious statements to the press:

“It’s offensive and, frankly, sad that House GOP leaders are once again debating one of our most fundamental rights as women,” Esty said Tuesday. “This legislation is a direct challenge to our reproductive rights. It’s contemptuous towards women’s health. And, it is a tremendous waste of time when we have serious work to do.”

No, Congresswoman Esty, it is you who are contemptuous. You are contemptuous of the pain that an unborn child feels during an abortion. You are contemptuous of the right to life of your fellow human beings. You are contemptuous of the women you claim to speak for, many of whom are pro-life. What you have said here is no different than calling a bill to free slaves contemptuous of the rights of slaveholders.

The unborn, particularly those old enough to feel pain, deserved more than your contempt, Congresswoman Esty. They deserved your vote.

All the post-election nonsense on how the GOP should drop social conservatism evaporated once the public was exposed to the horror of late-term (and “post-birth”) abortion during Kermit Gosnell’s trial. That is why the House was able to pass the Pain Capable Child Protection Act.

But why have we not heard a word from the CT GOP about the five Democratic Congressmen from our state who voted to sentence late-term unborn children to horrifying deaths? Is it because Andrew Roraback would have voted the same way?