Protect the vulnerable against assisted suicide.


Imagine this past year with assisted suicide. Would it have brought more comfort . . or more distress? We know the plight of the elderly, the lonely and the desperate during this year of COVID-19. It is reprehensible that assisted suicide has made it out of the “Health” Committee. But it doesn’t have to mean that our seniors, our mothers, our grandparents, the disabled among us, the lonely, despondent or scared should have to navigate whether or not suicide is a socially acceptable option for Connecticut residents.

Take a look at the sponsors of this bill . . . note their largely affluent and well-heeled constituency.

Assisted suicide is an avenue for wealthy people of influence, people who have been in control of their entire lives . . . to control the end of their lives also. Does a bottle of deadly drugs bring you dignity at the end of life? No. (In fact, because of a change in drugs they can take up to 4 agonizing days to work.)

Our society needs more love, more compassion and understanding . . less. death. Contact your legislator today and ask them to hold the line in Connecticut against assisted suicide. Those who have given up hope among us need your voice.

Do you need talking points? Here are some . .

Do you need help contacting your legislator? Here is an easy e-mail system . .

ABLEISM: Are you concerned about people with disabilities and how assisted suicide would affect their lives . . .

Please contact your legislator today and let your voice be heard this year against assisted suicide.