Like the broader pro-life community, Connecticut’s leading pro-life organizations were of one accord on presidential contender Donald Trump’s recent comments: no, we don’t want to “punish” women. We’re glad the Trump campaign has since retreated from those remarks, but the misgivings remain.

Peter Wolfgang was quoted in Breitbart on Thursday:

“The real issue here is that Donald Trump is an absolute flaming disaster for the pro-life cause. He is saying this because he thinks it is what we want to hear. He does not know who we are, what we believe, how his words set us back, how they play right into the hands of the pro-abortion movement. And he does not care.”

Connecticut Right to Life also issued a strongly-worded statement (picked up by CT Mirror), saying:

“The blood of the millions of innocent lives lost lies squarely on the shoulders of the abortion industry. …Our movement is one of compassion and hope. Pro-life strength comes from forgiveness and inclusion from those working to better the lives of women and families. Our ranks include former abortionists, abortion clinic employees, and women who have abortions themselves. Mr. Trump’s own conversion is a story of compassion. Yet, creating wise and informed policies requires listening to experienced advocates in any subject matter. NASA doesn’t entrust its missions to college students. The Yankees don’t start farm team rookies in the World Series. The American people shouldn’t entrust the nation’s highest office to a novice.”

Your humble blogger recalls a time when her own views, though essentially pro-life, were quite primitive by comparison…but I was 18, and not running for the country’s highest office. Over a decade later, I can’t claim to know it all, but one does learn (sometimes through painful experience) to recognize trap questions. The thought of four years of agita wondering what harm could be done and what damage control we pro-lifers will need to do next is going to be a serious impediment to Trump, whether he is sincere or not, and to any candidate who has a habit of ad-libbing on camera when words could literally mean the difference between life and death.