Connecticut pro-lifers are rejoicing over the news that the once-busy Summit abortion clinic in Bridgeport has closed its doors permanently. There are a number of theories about why it closed, but we found this analysis from our friend, Trumbull area pro-lifer George Meagher, particularly intriguing:

“The Summit Abortion Clinic, where more unborn children were killed than in any other Fairfield County abortuary, is closed.    Why?
“According to the CT Department of Public Health (DPH), there has been a radical decrease in the number of abortions in CT.  From its peak in 1988 (20,219 deaths) to the most recently released public report in 2013 (10,560 deaths) there has been a 48% decrease in the annual number of abortions.  In the past 5 years the rate of decrease has become more profound.  The people most familiar with the Summit aboratorium maintain that the decrease in the number of abortions there was even greater.

“But again the question might be asked, Why?
“Parents increasingly use ultrasound technology to view their unborn baby and they share those pictures.  Ultrasound pictures showing the undeniable personhood of the unborn are causing a sea change in the ProLife – ProAbortion dialog.  The Knights of Columbus and the Focus on Family run programs to make ultrasound equipment available to crisis pregnancy centers.
“The HopeLine Pregnancy Resource Center, which opened just a few blocks from the abortuary on Main Street, offers pregnant women in difficult situations true guidance and support covering parenting, adoption and abortion referrals.  Birthright and the Malta House also offer mothers moral and material support.  By Planned Parenthood’s own reports, the services they provided to pregnant women were: 1% received adoption placement services, 2% received well baby prenatal care and 97% received dead fetuses.
“Since 1990 through their sidewalk counseling, Operation Save America has saved at least 2,371 children, of which they are aware.  These heroic people have often maintained relationships with the mothers who chose life and their children, meeting their spiritual and material needs.  Neither lawsuits nor the harassment of police has deterred them from their mission.
“Four years ago Christine Murphy and Michelle Geraci launched the first 40 Days For Life Prayer Vigil at the Summit Abortion Clinic.  They led but did not know who would follow.  Each year about 1,000 people from 60 Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical and Orthodox churches, as well as from youth groups and civic organizations followed.  Both Catholic bishops prayed at the site as did parish priests, deacons and nuns, as well as members of the Episcopal, Lutheran, Baptist and Evangelical clergy.  It is estimated that 40,000 people heard a ProLife message in their parish, congregation or organization, raising a ProLife awareness and commitment.  ProLife Billboards rented by St Mary’s Respect Life Committee bracketed both sides of the abortion clinic.  Between 10,000 and 15,000 drivers each day witnessed the Billboards and Prayer Vigil, equating to 750,000 exposures to the ProLife message.
Numerous other ProLife events were held at the abortion clinic.  The January 22nd anniversary of Roe v Wade was marked by a well-attended prayer services at the abortion clinic.  Once a month, people from St. Theresa’s parish prayed the rosary on a Saturday, the busiest day at the abortuary.  During Lent several churches prayed the rosary on Saturdays.  The ProLife Stations of the Cross were recited at the clinic.
“Over the decades since Roe v Wade, individuals and groups at the local level kept alive the ProLife message through the January 22nd March on Washington, hosting local speakers, holding local prayer services, masses, rosaries and holy hours, distributing information, writing elected officials and supporting charities. Fund raising efforts included supporting homes for unwed mothers, education and employment assistance, community wide baby showers for unwed mothers, diaper and wipe drives, Mother’s Day flower sales to support residences and guidance/support facilities and baby bottle drives (cash placed in baby bottles for mother and infant needs).
“The ProLife message is not well received among Connecticut’s elite class.  Our governor, the executive branch, our federal legislators and many state legislators and appointed judges are militantly ProAbortion, as is much of the media, some large companies and universities.  All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people do nothing. Several County and statewide ProLife Organizations, including the CT Right To Life, the Gospel of Life Society, the Family Institute of Connecticut, the Knights of Columbus and the Respect Life Ministry, have not been cowed by the politically correct ProAbortion clique, and have sought to educate and motivate a population that is becoming increasing ProLife at the grassroots.”