When will Connecticut officials denounce this violence?

Within one week of MassLive reporting on two local crisis pregnancy resource centers, listing their exact locations in the captions, and reporting U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s call for a “crack down” on crisis pregnancy centers, both centers have been vandalized and there has been violence across the border.

As of today, Connecticut officials still refuse to denounce groups such as “Jane’s Revenge” who encourage violence against pregnancy resource centers and pro-life organizations. They also remain quiet in the wake of Senator Warren’s clarion for more “about how we might move more aggressively . . . ” against centers. I’m sure Senator Warren would never encourage violence, but such language can and will be misinterpreted in Massachusetts and Connecticut by unstable or overly-excited persons.

On June 16, 2022, Family Institute of Connecticut, the Connecticut Catholic Conference and the Connecticut Pregnancy Care Coalition held a press conference asking state officials to denounce the growing violence across the country as Dobbs was to released. It is our sincere hope that Connecticut’s elites will take these threats seriously and do what they can to ensure women will have access to the true pregnancy care they need and want in our state.