What’s the one election so important, according to Chris Murphy, that — although it is taking place on the other side of the country — he simply cannot resist getting involved?

Who is this up-and-coming public servant of such rare caliber?


Oy vey.

I doubt anyone has forgotten, but just in case: it’s the woman who became famous for being insulted by Rush Limbaugh (a very exclusive club, that) after intentionally applying to a Jesuit college to force a confrontation between free birth control and the First Amendment. Predictably, this has proven to be a losing proposition. Unbelievably, she also pleaded financial hardship for students who already demonstrated some willingness to exchange fifty grand a year for the benefits of a Georgetown diploma — which include the reasonable expectation of a six-figure starting income. One would hope that if a student got one message out of an education this prestigious and expensive, it would be “Don’t stomp on the Bill of Rights.”

Senator Murphy, this says more about your judgment than I ever could.