Before Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro’s Committee!

It’s snowing today in Connecticut. The biggest snowstorm in a while. At the end of a very challenging year.

You may have just finished shoveling out and are resting. Or you may still be waiting for the snow to stop so you can begin digging out.

Either way, you likely have more time on your hands than normal today. Time to contemplate the frustration we all feel over recent events. And to look for those sources that can help light the way toward a better tomorrow. 

Well, Family Institute of Connecticut has just the thing for you.

Last week, the nation’s eyes were on FIC communications director Christina Bennett, the sole pro-lifer chosen to defend the Hyde Amendment before Rosa DeLauro’s Congressional committee. Many of you have asked us how she did. 

She knocked it right out of the park!

But don’t take our word for it. Take advantage of the extra time you have today to see the proof for yourself. 

You can read The Hartford Courant’s coverage here. Or the EWTN interview here. Or, if World Magazine’slink doesn’t work, a pullout quote from Worldhere.

Or, best of all, watch Christina’s testimony yourself in the eleven videos on our YouTube channel. We know eleven sounds like a lot. But each video is only a few minutes long. And, trust us, it’s worth it. 

Her opening testimony is here.

Her answers to questions during the Q and A are hereherehereherehereherehereherehere, and here.

Again, we here at FIC know well the frustration every pro-life and pro-family person in the country is feeling right now. We feel it too.

As we have said all along, we are the ones fighting for our shared values right here in our home state. (Indeed, we are the ones digging out from our driveways today right alongside you.)

And when an attack on the unborn of the whole nation originates out of Connecticut, we will respond on the national level too. As all the links above demonstrate.

In this dark hour, know that FIC stands with you. We have won some of our biggest victories when everything seemed lost. And we can do it again…if we meet our Year-End Matching Grant goal.

Peter Wolfgang

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