[Note: The post below was originally FIC’s July 9th email alert. The Hartford Courant, to its credit, linked to our original blog post later that day and ran an excerpt in its July 10th print edition. ~ PW]

Fighting The Big Lie!

In the two weeks since the U.S. Supreme Court’s pro same-sex “marriage” rulings, Connecticut media has been awash with celebratory stories claiming that our state “led the way” to these rulings, that there was no big fight in Connecticut over redefining marriage and that everything has proceeded exactly as anti-family activists planned it.

Call it “The Big Lie.”

We know. We were there. So were many of you. So were the reporters writing history’s second draft these past few weeks. But the revisionist version they are now writing bears little resemblance to what we all experienced.

Same-Sex “Marriage” was the single biggest battle of the 21st century in Connecticut. It provoked a petition drive that gathered 100,000 signatures for the defense of marriage. It led to a Protect Marriage Rally of 6,000 people on a freezing cold day at the state Capitol in 2004–the second-biggest rally in Connecticut history–and two more rallies of 3,000 people to protest civil unions in 2005 and the State Supreme Court in 2008.

Click here to view Rich Kendall’s photos of FIC’s 2008 Protect Marriage Rally!

Same-Sex “Marriage” was defeated every year at the state Capitol. Even the civil unions law included a provision explicitly defining marriage as between a man and a woman. Same-Sex “Marriage” was only imposed on Connecticut by a 4-3 vote of the State Supreme Court…and even after that, we defeated our opponents at the state Capitol!

When the legislature, in a petty attempt at pay-back, tried to strip Catholic bishops and priests of authority over their own parishes, Connecticut citizens of all denominations rose up. 5,000 of us rallied at the state Capitol on a weekday and stopped that bill.

Family Institute of Connecticut then used the momentum from that fight to secure for Connecticut the strongest religious liberty protections against same-sex “marriage” in the nation. And in the years since, FIC has fought the effects of same-sex “marriage” that we accurately predicted would occur: stopping the state government from sponsoring pro same-sex “marriage” religious workshops to Connecticut teenagers, forcing Hartford Public High School to respect parental objections to pro same-sex “marriage” plays.

In the media’s telling of the same-sex “marriage” battle, none of this ever happened. Family Institute of Connecticut–the hard work of all of you–is being whitewashed from Connecticut history.

Consider it a compliment. The truth is, FIC badly embarrassed the powers-that-be in Connecticut. They like to pretend that Connecticut is a state that has “progressed” beyond concern for the sanctity of faith and family. That same-sex “marriage” was the biggest fight of the 21st century in our state–rather than a cake-walk for “progress”–contradicts every myth they tell themselves about Connecticut.

So they respond by writing FIC out of the history books. But we’re fighting back.

Peter Wolfgang has already issued a point-by-point rebuttal setting the record straight on FIC Blog.

There will be more from us in the months ahead–op-eds, television and radio appearances. Connecticut needs to know that the people were never allowed to vote on marriage in our state…and that they still should.

In all of this, we count on the help of you, FIC’s members. You led the fight. You embarrassed them at the state Capitol by stopping same-sex “marriage,” and after it was imposed by the Court, you embarrassed them further by securing the nation’s strongest religious liberty protections.

We need our opposition to know that the problem with lying about us in the history books is that we’re still here. We haven’t gone away. We will set the record straight. And we will carry on–for however many years or decades it takes–until marriage is restored in Connecticut.