When we first encountered LifeZette’s story about the motivation behind Glastonbury High School’s gender-neutral graduation gowns, we felt it was appropriate to treat it as suspicious, but unconfirmed.

Yesterday afternoon we received — privately, from an FIC member — the corroboration we were looking for, and were preparing to respond anew.

It appears that the administrators of Glastonbury High School have decided honesty is the best policy now that they have been busted. An early story  referred to “a group of students” who requested the change. The latest update in The Hartford Courant now leaves no doubt that the group of students was the Gay-Straight Alliance. A national spokesperson out of California told the Courant:

“Such evolutions on long-standing policies are critical to creating a space for transgender and nonbinary students to thrive without worrying about how they fit into an outdated, unsupportive dress code. …We hope more schools who still have this divisive policy will follow Glastonbury’s lead.”

Mark DeLuzio, you’re entirely vindicated. Let’s not pretend that fabric colors are what’s really eating the Ts in the LGBT movement. To those who — sincere though they may be — have bought into the pseudo-scientific fad that people can be whatever sex they feel they are, the very idea that humans come in two basic varieties that can’t be reshaped at will is divisive. Concrete evidence is divisive. Biology itself is divisive.

On its face, it’s very petty, silly stuff that shows how accustomed gender ideology radicals are to getting what they want, imposed from the top down by people who think they can determine what’s “best for all” from consulting with small minorities. We’re witnessing a movement render itself obsolete, and its new enemies and battles will necessarily become smaller and smaller.

Paradoxically, the counter-movement is bubbling away. This resistance matters, because what’s being resisted is nothing short of a strike at the heart of the notion of objective reality—which is ultimately harmful to everyone, including the biggest proponents.

We wrote previously that the change itself is “not so big a deal — if there is in fact a grassroots consensus, and it isn’t being driven by covert agendas.” The cat is out of the bag and the shame of the administration is exposed. We call upon all our members to speak out against the gender ideology indoctrination that these administrators didn’t even have the courage to be forthcoming about. Students who don’t conform to the spirit of the age need your support. In May of 2005, former FIC director Brian Brown, fresh from a debate with Anne Stanback of Love Makes a Family at Glastonbury High, wrote:

“After the debate I was approached by two different groups of students. The first group shared our goal of protecting the traditional family. They described to me how much they had been belittled by classmates and teachers for holding traditional views on issues like homosexuality and marriage. ‘Our opinion means nothing here [Glastonbury High],’ they told me.”

Over the years, FIC has been a haven for students from such intellectually and spiritually suffocating school environments. We will never tire of standing up for them, but we need parents, teachers, and peers to join us in one voice.

Click here to find contact information for the Glastonbury Board of Education. It is important for them to hear from parents. Again, this is not so much about gown colors as it us about a small group with very controversial ideology determining policy for the entire student body.