It’s the sort of thing that reminds us why we call Family Institute of Connecticut’s Annual Fundraising Banquet “Standing in the Gap.” There is the biblical reference, of course (Ezekiel 22:30). But there are also moments like this:

[Senate Republican Leader John] McKinney listed [Gov. Jodi] Rell’s policy achievements:…helping Connecticut become “the first state to pass a civil unions bill without being required to do so by a court.”

FIC addressed Senator McKinney’s pro same-sex “marriage” talking point during our Summer of 2013 Truth Tour. See for instance, this post. And let us not forget Gov. Rell’s own deep confusion on marriage.

To be sure, Senator McKinney has come a long way since casting the wrong vote on civil unions. He was a key player in the GOP’s united opposition to the transgender Bathroom Bill in 2011. And in 2013 he stood with FIC against assisted suicide, opposing even his own mother.

But those things might not have happened without FIC. And Senator McKinney’s aiding and abetting of the anti-family narrative, at the Jodi Rell event Wednesday, highlights again the unique role of FIC in the State of Connecticut.

No other organization is speaking for Connecticut’s pro-family citizens in the public realm like Family Institute of Connecticut. Not the Democrats or the Republicans. It is FIC that is Standing in the Gap.

But we cannot do it alone. We need your help. Time is running out to purchase tickets for FIC’s September 27th Standing in the Gap Banquet, which will be keynoted by bestselling author Eric Metaxas.

Will you please click here now to purchase your Banquet tickets online or download a form that can be mailed in with your check? Thank you so much for standing with us…for Standing in the Gap.