In 2009, then-State Senator Andrew McDonald led the most blatantly unconstitutional attack on religious liberty in recent memory when he tried to pass a bill that would have stripped Connecticut’s Catholic bishops and priests of authority over their own parishes–a move widely believed to be payback for the Church’s opposition to same-sex “marriage.”

Now a nominee to the Connecticut Supreme Court, Andrew McDonald, during his confirmation hearing this past Monday, January 14, 2013, may have misled the Judiciary Committee–under oath!–when he denied authorship of the unconstitutional 2009 anti-Catholic bill and claimed a constituent drafted it. That constituent has made repeated public statements denying it.

What is even worse is that Connecticut’s media outlets don’t care. There is zero interest on the part of our state’s media in looking into a possible case of perjury by a Malloy nominee to the State Supreme Court. We can react to this media bias with shock or with a cynical “Of course!”–but either way, it is wrong.

The media is not saying that FIC is erroneous in pointing out the discrepancy. Rather, they are admitting that we are right and dismissing it anyway. The attitude of this piece by Terry Cowgill seems to be that, yes, McDonald’s apparent misstatement under oath “rings hollow,” but McDonald should be appointed anyway, because “we”–the media–like his politics and we don’t like FIC.

Call it the Connecticut school of nothing-to-see-here-folks journalism. If a Rowland or Rell nominee to the high court were in the same position, it would very likely be a story. But when it is a Malloy nominee, Connecticut’s media falls into it’s default role as “the King’s hand.”

Let’s show the legislators at the state Capitol that we are not cowed by media bias. Please click here to read our updated alert on Andrew McDonald and to send an updated message to your state senator and state representative to vote NO on Andrew McDonald.