State Senator Michael McLachlan was just vindicated in a big way. Early after the #PPSellsBabyParts scandal broke, McLachlan was the courageous, lone individual in our Assembly who called for a state investigation. The state supposedly came up empty-handed. Recently-uncovered evidence reveals that this has not been due to any lack of motivation on the part of either Planned Parenthood of Southern New England or some of Connecticut’s major educational institutions, but because the abortion procedures PPSNE uses leave babies’ bodies too obliterated to be of use in research.

Here is the “smoking gun,” an e-mail between Planned Parenthood of Southern New England and UConn faculty member Dr. Nada Zecevic, obtained by the Washington Free Beacon:


Note the reference to Yale, the indication of support higher up the chain of command, and that chilling line, “How many specimens do you want and how often?” which echoes similar content in the Center for Medical Progress videos.

Upon further investigation of the abortion methods used at PPSNE, a disappointed Zecevic wrote, “I spoke with Dr. Spurell yesterday, and he crashed all my hopes…Apparently the procedure that is done does not leave intact tissue, and there is nothing we can use. Thanks anyhow for your time and attempts to make this work.”

By now, a few things should be abundantly clear:

– “Blobs of tissue” and “products of conception” don’t have brains.

– There is no excuse for not defunding Planned Parenthood both at the federal and state level and conducting a rigorous investigation (i.e., one not left in the hands of their political cronies). Their “brand” is irrevocably tainted.

– Defunding and investigating Planned Parenthood is a good start, but we need to dry up the demand end as well as the supply end. At the Free Beacon, you can be sickened, as I was, by UConn’s statement defending this hideous human sacrifice. UConn and Yale need to start feeling the heat. They need to hear from alumni asking what “research” is so important that it has to rely upon murder.

The Office of the Dean of the Medical School at UConn can be reached at 860-679-7214. Neuroscience administration can be reached at 860-679-8787. Contact information for the President’s Office and Board  of Directors can be found here.

The Dean of Yale School of Medicine is Robert Alpern. His e-mail address is The Office of the Dean may be reached at 203-785-4672. Contact information for the Neuroscience Department and Office of the Chair is available here. The President of Yale is Peter Salovey; send him a message here.

Explain, in a polite but firm way, that using aborted baby bodies for research is morally and ethically repugnant and you want it to stop, and you want them to sever ties with organizations like Planned Parenthood that benefit financially from abortion.

Please also continue to contact legislators and encourage them to defund Planned Parenthood.