March 29, 2023


Contact: Leslie Wolfgang, Director of Public Policy, Family Institute of Connecticut

Today, House Democrats announced at their press conference a bill targeting pharmaceutical companies, particularly, Walgreens, to require them to certify whether they comply with laws restricting distribution of abortion causing drugs within the states they operate. 

HB6905, AN ACT CONCERNING STATE CONTRACTING AND THE DISPENSING, SALE AND DISTRIBUTION OF CERTAIN PHARMACEUTICALS would require state contractors to certify their compliance with another state’s restrictions on the issuance of certain pharmaceuticals, including drugs that may cause the termination of a pregnancy, specifically, Mifepristone. The Food & Drug Administration, on their website, states that “Mifepristone, when used together with another medicine called misoprostol, is used to end a pregnancy through ten weeks gestation.” According to the HB6905, the Attorney General’s Office would review the certification and their opinion would be the basis of whether the state would be permitted to pay any invoice that is owed to Walgreens or contract with that company in the future. 

“Connecticut residents should expect companies that do business within our state to comply with the laws of other states.  I don’t see how this bill would change how companies assess their compliance with another state’s laws or even Connecticut laws.  Pro-abortion legislators are trying to make hay from an obscure issue in other states because of something they read on the internet.” says Leslie Wolfgang, Public Policy Director for the Family Institute of Connecticut.  “Requiring extra certifications only benefits the hiring of compliance officers at international companies and makes our local politicians feel as though they’ve done something.  Nothing will change in Connecticut or nationally with the proposal or passage of this bill.”