Yesterday we wrote about tremendous advances made in recent years in the battle for a culture that respects human life, and the hope that pro-lifers can take from some very concrete evidence that we are making a difference.

New technologies have played a role in the cultural tipping point we have seen, the most common example cited being ultrasound imagery. However, the Internet has been a powerful vehicle for truth, breaking media monopolies and making information accessible to virtually anyone, anywhere; within the last decade, smart-devices have allowed everyone from schoolchildren to grandparents to have an interactive world encyclopedia that fits in a pocket.

As always, neutral technology can be used to bad or good ends. While some analyses focus excessively on the negative impact of developments like social media, savvy individuals have not only zeroed in on the enormous potential for good, but went a step further and are making it happen. Today we share an example of women of faith taking the lead to innovate and change the status quo. We hope you’ll be inspired.

FIC is pleased to recommend the “Power of 7” pro-life app by Audiogirl Ministries, available at Google Play and the App Store.

About Audiogirl Ministries: AudioGirl Ministries was founded in 2009 by two Catholic women who wanted to “do something” about the holocaust of 1.2 MILLION babies (4 in 10) who are brutally aborted in the US every year.

Blessed to have grown to include a dedicated, joyfully spirited group of Catholic, Protestant and Jewish faithful, Team AGM promotes the TRUTH that every baby is a person whose beautiful beating heart deserves to be passionately protected and cherished.

Fighting for the most fundamental of human rights, the right to be born, and armed with the persuasive powers of PRAYER, ACTION, and KNOWLEDGE, Team AGM has helped to save the lives of over 900 babies.

Here’s a little preview of what the app looks like:


What It Does: Summarizes seven common “pro-choice” arguments and offers a strategy and succinct words for responding.

Ideal for: Those who are starting out and need to develop confidence. The advanced sidewalk persuader will already be acquainted with most of the information, but everybody starts somewhere, like I did as a college freshman full of fresh zeal and little experience. The beauty of the app is in its simplicity. It doesn’t overwhelm with every possible angle, only some of the most common, but provides a link at the end for further learning.

User-Friendliness: Even the most entry-level touchscreen user should be able to get around this app.

Price: Free. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Bonus Observations: Honesty and respect for the opponent are clearly principles that the app designers kept in mind — it’s not just about winning an argument at all costs. Also, Audiogirl Ministries helps provide diapers to families in need, and on the last screen users have the option of supporting their charitable efforts.

Download “Power of 7” today, go boldly forth and defend life!