More #FakeNews From Pro-Abortion Press Conference

We told you yesterday how Sen. Mae Flexer misled the Hartford press corps about an ultrasound bill during Monday’s pro-abortion press conference at the state Capitol.

That was apparently not Flexer’s only falsehood. As CT News Junkie describes Flexer’s comments on the pro-life bills she opposes:

“Flexer said what a handful of male Republican lawmakers are proposing is not the direction Connecticut is going in terms of “protecting women’s healthcare.”

If CT News Junkie is correct–Christine Stuart’s report uses the phrase “male Republican lawmakers” twice, once attributing it to Flexer–Flexer made a false claim that only “male Republican lawmakers” were behind pro-life legislation in Hartford. She managed to “misgender” Rep. Carol Hall of Enfield, who has co-introduced three bills, SB 321 on parental notification, SB 330 requiring ultrasounds, and SB 576 protecting unborn victims of violence. In addition, Rep. Bruce Morris, a Democrat, co-introduced SJ 28, a resolution expressing support for pregnancy care centers along with their staff and volunteers. So both the “male” and the “Republican” parts of Flexer’s claim are falsehoods.

On a related note, facts continue to emerge regarding NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut leader Sarah Croucher’s Legislative Office Building etiquette, or lack thereof. Chris O’Brien of Connecticut Right to Life recalls this part of the incident, which occurred right in front of me:

“During a discussion about parental notification, NARAL’s Sarah Croucher voices her stringent opposition while talking over Peter and myself during our press response. ‘Y’know, rather than a polarized debate, it would be really nice if pro-life and pro-choice groups could work together on common ground issues like domestic violence and human trafficking,’ I said. ‘Well, we could do that,’ said Sarah Croucher. ‘We could?’ I asked. ‘Well, why hasn’t Sen. Flexer responded to any of my 6 plus requests – 3 of them in writing- to have a meeting on those subjects in the past two years?’ At which point Ms. Croucher glared at me and then finally left our mini-press conference.”

Connecticut pro-abortion lobbyists and politicians won’t let us have a vote on parental notification. They won’t let us have a hearing, if they can prevent it. They won’t even let us talk to the press without interruption. And they don’t want teens to talk to their parents.

What are they afraid of? What are they hiding?

(Photo by Paul Hughes, Republican-American. Used with permission.)