With the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, President Trump has kept his promise to the American people to pick a conservative who would interpret the Constitution as written, and who would stick to interpreting the law as written—leaving law-making to the people’s elected representatives. Judge Gorsuch’s record shows that he will not engage in judicial activism, an unconstitutional overreach of judicial power that is at the root of the “right to abortion” the Court found in Roe v. Wade, and the “right to same-sex marriage” the Court found in Obergefell.

Judge Gorsuch’s judicial record proves that his decisions will uphold our constitutional right to religious freedom. He has also authored a book that provides a keen legal and moral analysis of assisted suicide. Family Institute of Connecticut Action calls upon our two U.S. Senators to do their job and confirm Judge Gorsuch’s nomination quickly.

On Tuesday, before they even knew who President Trump’s nominee would be, Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff and local pro-abortion groups held a press conference at the state Capitol to declare their opposition to any Trump choice for the U.S. Supreme Court. And Sen. Duff opened the press conference by attacking…the Family Institute!

Click here to see the opening of NARAL CT’s video of their press conference.

In his opening remarks, Sen. Duff declared it a “scary” time in Hartford, claiming “women’s rights” were “under attack” by the “extremist” Family Institute and Peter Wolfgang. He said we had “teed up typical radical rhetoric and cavalier attitude.” He declared our last email alert to you, our members, as “brazen.” And then, with no sense of irony, Sen. Duff said we had “demeaned” others.

Sen. Duff was referring to our last email alert about a previous pro-abortion press conference, in which we referred to NARAL CT head Sarah Croucher as “amateurish” for interrupting the media’s interviews with Peter Wolfgang, and we called the trash-talking of FIC by low-level staffers, and the possible theft of a folder owned by a crisis pregnancy center director, “thuggish.” Sen. Duff misrepresents those two words as aimed at “the folks who attended” in general and one biased reporter further misrepresented them as aimed specifically at the legislators. It is a sad day when Fake News begins with the Senate Majority Leader himself.

But it was our claim that the Jan. 23rd event was a “pro-abortion press conference” that most incensed Sen. Duff. He vigorously denies the charge, which he called “demeaning.” And yet he says this while standing with the local head of NARAL, an acronym where the “A” stands for…ABORTION.

Here is what we may have learned from Sen. Duff’s Jan 31st pro-abortion press conference:

The original Jan. 23rd pro-abortion press conference was a failure. Pro-abortion forces held large rallies, mobbed the town hall meetings of pro-life legislators with out-of-district college students, and still blew their big press conference. That is why they needed a do-over on Jan. 31st and they needed to keep it quiet so that FIC Action and our allies didn’t show up and blow it for them as we did on Jan. 23rd.

Word is getting out that, in columnist Chris Powell’s stark language, “Lacking a notification requirement for abortions on minors, Connecticut overlooks and legitimizes child rape.” Sen. Duff, meanwhile, appears to have attacked the State Senate’s power-sharing agreement again by declaring a second time that pro-life bills will not get a vote in the Senate.

Connecticut pro-abortion lobbyists and politicians won’t let us have a vote on parental notification. They won’t let us have a hearing, if they can prevent it. They won’t even let us talk to the press without interruption. And they don’t want teens to talk to their parents.

What are they afraid of? What are they hiding?