Mae Flexer's Falsehood

There was some brief anger among Connecticut pro-lifers yesterday when the media misreported a pro-life bill as mandating “transvaginal” ultrasounds.

But it was not the media’s fault. It was Sen. Mae Flexer’s:

“That is taking us backward and frankly that’s scary,” said Sen. Mae Flexer, D-Danielson, who contends the bill would mandate transvaginal ultrasounds, a type of pelvic ultrasound used to examine women’s internal organs. However, an early version of the bill refers only to an “ultrasound procedure for the health benefit of the patient” prior to an abortion.

We are not necessarily saying that Sen. Flexer lied. That would be intentional deceit. It is possible that Sen. Flexer simply had no idea what she was talking about.

But that was typical for yesterday’s pro-abortion press conference.

(You can read news articles on yesterday’s pro-abortion press conference, including FIC Action president Peter Wolfgang’s response, here, here, here, here and here. If you know of any other articles, please send them to us.)

In fact, the press conference itself never even mentioned the word “abortion,” though abortion was clearly its purpose. Only when reporters asked questions was the word finally mentioned and only then did the bills that were supposedly the point of the press conference get any serious discussion. Until then, it was all generalities and euphemisms from the pro-abortion politicians. If the thousands of Connecticut citizens who marched over the weekend supposedly represent such strong support for abortion rights in our state, why were abortion’s legislative champions afraid to even the utter the word?

Among the remarkable moments in the pro-abortion press conference was Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff preemptively declaring that he will not “allow” any pro-life bill to even be voted on in the State Senate. The State Senate is evenly split between the two parties this year and governed by a power-sharing agreement. Is Senate Republican leader Len Fasano aware that Sen. Duff unilaterally ripped up that agreement at the pro-abortion presser? Will Sen. Fasano call upon Sen. Duff to retract his statement and instead honor their agreement?

But again, that was the behavior on display by pro-abortion forces at their press conference yesterday.

There was the childish stuff, a Senate Democrat staffer and a pro-abortionist standing over a seated Peter Wolfgang discussing yesterday’s FIC email alert. The joke’s on them. We like these emails to get as much attention as possible.

There was the rookie move. The media’s willingness to hear FIC Action’s response to the pro-abortion presser so infuriated the head of NARAL that she interrupted Peter Wolfgang’s interview with the press. When the women who head crisis pregnancy centers corrected the NARAL leader’s misstatements she responded “This isn’t the place for a debate,” causing the press to almost laugh her out of the building. “You’re the one who walked over to us,” they told her. “And you’re in the Legislative Office Building. Where else is the place for a debate?” Though she got a few quotes in, the NARAL leader gave a first impression to the Hartford press corps that was not at all positive.

And there were still uglier moments. A folder of information owned by one of the heads of the crisis pregancy centers who was present yesterday was apparently stolen.

These are the things we were subjected to yesterday.

Amateurish? Yes. Thuggish? A bit. But this is how the powerful pro-abortion lobby acts when its power is finally challenged.

Whether FIC Action can make good on that challenge depends on you.

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The pro-life movement is exceedingly outgunned in Connecticut by the pro-abortionists. That we have even made it this far, where they feel so threatened by us at the state Capitol, is due to the faithful witness of all of you for so many years. But we need your continued support to make pro-life progress in Connecticut.

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